Have you posed the question of whether your Internet activities fulfill all Austrian legal criteria? Would you like to make sure you do not lose sleep over your meta-tags and links? And you would like to ensure that the agreement you have made with your web programmer includes all the necessary provisions?

I can accompany and support you: from an initial legal assessment of whether your chosen domain name could lead to conflicts with other trademark holders, to carrying out a website check, and, finally, to an audit and creation of all types of contracts pertinent to your internet presence. And if your rights are infringed on, I can assume your defense before all Austrian courts of law.

You are preparing to carry out a software project? You wish to license or manufacture software? And your wish is to have an economically sensible, easily comprehensible contractual arrangement, all at an acceptable price?

I will both verify and draw up all types of contracts necessary for software projects: in obtaining bids for, or the manufacturing, selling, renting or licensing of software. I will advise you prior to and during negotiations in conjunction with all aspects of software services.